Influential Women of the 2012 Deliver Best Practices Competition: Secrets to their Success

Jabil’s annual Deliver Best Practices competition is a celebration of the innovation and creativity of the company’s greatest asset – its people. Each year about 32 teams from Jabil sites in the Americas, Europe and Asia come together at the corporate headquarters in St. Petersburg, Fla. to pitch their game-changing ideas to company executives. The competition gives Jabil’s extraordinary employees a chance to shine and potentially benefit Jabil and its customers in significant ways.

The 2012 competition was no exception. Out of the 12 finalists that advanced to the final round in the Social and Environmental Responsibility, Human Development, Customer Satisfaction and Operational Excellence categories, four teams were represented by females. In an industry that is still largely dominated by males, Elaine Zhou, Logistics Manager at Shanghai; Una Lin, Inventory Analyst at Taichung MTS Tooling; Sunny Cui, Customer Services Administrator at Shanghai; and Sunit

a Kandayah, Training Supervisor at Penang, broke through the stereotypes that say a career in manufacturing isn’t for women.

While these women haven’t only been employed at Jabil for decades, they have already left a mark on the company. The female standouts of the 2012 Deliver Best Practices Competition explained what has led them to success in their careers.

Nothing Incredible is Accomplished Alone

In today’s demanding business environment, no one can achieve business success alone, no matter how hard they work. You need others to help you, and you need to help others.  Though Elaine, Una, Sunny and Sunita were among the select few to present in front of executive management, they were merely representatives of their respective teams.Elaine Zhou

“The secret to my success is building good relationship with the people I work with,” said Sunita. “It is the people around us that helps determine our success or otherwise. One can’t be successful just working alone.”

All four of these women acknowledge that with the right team, you can form a web of connections to make the seemingly impossible practically inevitable.

“I have a group of people who have the same dream, passion for their job and keep going when they meet difficulties,” Elaine said. “I think that success is really the result of teamwork.”

Realize the Importance of Aiming Higher

At Jabil we pride ourselves in going beyond the status quo and re-inventing the value we bring to our customers every day. Working with Jabil takes customers to the next level in every area of their business. This is a direct result of the innovative, ingenious Jabil employees across the company who consistently look for new

ways to add value to their work. Deliver Best Practices speaks to this continuous improvement culture by recognizing, supporting and promoting those who go the extra mile by creating process improvements across the company. By constantly looking for new ways to add value to Jabil and going above what is expected of her, Una has progressed in her role.

“Success isn’t just about achieving the goal,” said Una. “It’s about transcending those goals.”

Of course, you do not have to be a finalist in the Deliver Best Practices Competition to aim higher in your job function. Like Sunita, you can look for ways to add value in even the most routine tasks.

“Training can be a little dull,” explained Sunita. “I love putting in some zest to make the sessions more enjoyable and interactive.”

Being Confident Pays Off

While there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, a healthy level of confidence will make you more likely to engage in challenging but manageable projects, will help you get outside your comfort zone and allow you to achieve new goals – all of which are characteristics of successful people. You will also be taken more seriously if your words and actions have conviction.

Participating in Deliver Best Practices required all of the competitors to step out of their comfort zones and take a risk in projects that were not guaranteed to pay off. Perhaps even more daunting… presenting their successful projects to a panel of judges comprised of Jabil’s executive management.

“I knew that in order to expand the reputation of our project and get more people involved I needed to spread my passion to the executives,” said Sunny. “I was confident that my passion and smile would be impressive. The moment that I received the prize in the Deliver Best Practices Competition, I told myself, Sunny, you made it.”

The recent success of these women in the Deliver Best Practices Competition was a milestone in their careers and all are looking for even bigger challenges from which they can continue to grow.

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