2017 STEP Ahead Award Nominee: Christa Kerlin, Quality is Key for Jabil in the New Automotive Market

Christa Kerlin, one of this year’s STEP Ahead Award nominees, is Director of Quality for the Automotive and Transportation sector at Jabil. Christa is passionate about safety in vehicles and transportation equipment and has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. Christa is very vocal about her belief that as innovation progresses and products become more complex with faster time-to-market, Jabil’s focus on quality must remain focused and vigilant. Her supervisor, Senior Director of Quality, Hugo Cervera said, “Christa has helped tremendously shift the focus of quality to become a sales enabler which is a difficult task for such a complicated sector, but she has done it with great success in just two short years of joining Jabil.”

Christa’s depth of experience in customer satisfaction, supplier quality and developing a quality culture will help her position Jabil for growth in the Automotive and Transportation sector.

Quality Leadership and Mentoring

From day one Christa used her passion for developing the skills of Jabil’s quality leaders to sustain the technological and systemic quality improvements that are being implemented. She spent her first year at Jabil reinforcing these principles and building quality leaders while working in Jabil’s automotive sites in Chihuahua, Tiszaujvaros and Huangpu. Christa focuses on teaching and coaching to improve problem solving, customer relationships and mistake proofing. These efforts have paid off: Jabil’s Automotive and Transportation sector has experienced nearly every KPI move from red to green in just one year.  Many of these KPIs are at the best levels in Jabil’s history.

Christa is now driving an initiative with manufacturing leaders to create an automotive operating system where Jabil will leverage manufacturing intelligence and innovative processes to improve quality and standardize the sector across regions, countries, sites and customers.  Driving this standardization and quality will help Jabil evolve from EMS mentality to thinking like an OEM Tier 1 supplier  — making Jabil a leader for product quality and performance.

Charitable Activities

Christa not only makes an impact in her work at Jabil, but she is heavily involved with several organizations in her local community making a difference in the lives of others. Christa is a proud mentor for the local Food for America (FFA) and STEM Middle School Magnet programs in which she spends time developing young women’s interests in agricultural science and technology. The teams have won numerous district and state STEM competitions and participated in a STEM partnership sponsored by the University of Florida. These programs provide insight and boundless opportunities for young women, who may not have otherwise had the opportunity, to be exposed to and enter the exciting agricultural technology and science industry.

Christa an active member of the First Baptist Church, supporting a variety of initiatives for local orphanages and homeless shelters. She is a year round advocate and contributor to the United Food Bank which aims to feed the hungry in our community.

Christa has a deep personal commitment to the American Heart Association and participates in the annual Jabil Heart Walk every November. She also supports the Southeastern Guide Dogs, Lighthouse Ministries, Crystal Springs Foundation and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Congratulations to Christa on her 2017 STEP nomination!

3 Responses to 2017 STEP Ahead Award Nominee: Christa Kerlin, Quality is Key for Jabil in the New Automotive Market

  1. Larry Pyle says:

    Words can not express how proud I am of Christa for all her accomplishments and for the outstanding woman and mother she is. Congrats!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Christa. It has been a long time since we have seen you. Happy to see you are so involved in your community.

  3. Congratulations Christa. Happy to see you are doing so well. The mother of a friend from Pa. Evelyn Hockenbroch

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