2017 STEP Ahead Nominee Shirley Tan: Committed to Manufacturing & Inspiring Others

Shirley Tan, Human Resources Manager in Jabil Singapore, has been nominated by her team for the 2017 STEP Ahead award. Having dedicated her entire 32 year long career to manufacturing, Shirley has been with Jabil for 13 of years. Instrumental in formulating Singapore’s HR policies and driving employee engagement, under Shirley’s leadership HR has become a valued partner to other functions and employees. Shirley is an excellent role model for her team, constantly leading by example and motivating her staff to strive for success. Energetic and passionate about her work, Shirley demonstrates strategic thinking, foresight and professionalism.

When Shirley first began her career at Jabil there was a headcount of under 80 at her site but now the site has grown to a workforce of nearly 500. “The transformation that Jabil has made over the years make me feel proud to work for such a company,” said Shirley.   Lean Bronze certified, Shirley says that continuous improvement is always at the core of everything all of her work.

An Inspirational Leader and Mentor

With her many years of experience, Shirley is a valued leader, to both her team and to business leaders. Shirley sets the Human Resources function’s future and direction by seeking input from her team, acknowledging all contributions whether big or small. Shirley’s team notes that the cornerstone of her leadership style is investing in building her team’s capabilities to ensure a high performance that delivers results and contributes to Jabil’s growth.

Shirley is a great mentor and inspiration to her team and treats her team as peers by building personal relationships with each team member and taking the time to listen. Other employees also approach Shirley for work-related issues and guidance, knowing that she will always provide a listening ear and do her best to assist them. Her mentoring style has inspired other managers to adopt similar management styles within their teams.

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

While Shirley has shown significant impact in her role with Jabil, she continues to go above and beyond work in social responsibility activities. In 2015 she played a key role in planning and implementing a year-long calendar of fundraising events for Jabil Singapore’s adopted charity, the Children’s Cancer Foundation. In addition, she spearheaded organization-wide participation for the charity’s Hair for Hope event and as a result, more than 40 employees stepped up to shave their heads to raise funds and awareness for children with cancer. In total, around $75,000 USD was raised for the Children’s Cancer Foundation, a remarkable achievement for Jabil Singapore, and particularly Shirley who had the drive and leadership skills to make it happen.

Hat’s off to Shirley and those she has inspired for being nominated as a 2017 STEP Ahead nominee!

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