About Us

Launched in 2013, Jabil Joules serves as an opportunity to create an open dialogue around diversity and inclusion, giving Jabil’s female employees an avenue for encouraging future generations on how to be successful in the manufacturing industry.

It has since grown into a network of mentorships, education and community involvement activities among all employees, male or female, entry level to leadership. Joules is worldwide, with sites spearheading local chapters in the Americas, Asia and across Europe.

With about 40 local chapters in more than 20 countries, Joules around the world are positively impacting the next generation of the manufacturing and STEM workforce. Their inspiring stories and experiences are having positive impacts at Jabil and in the community.

The Jabil Joules blog showcases our employees and their unique journeys, features Jabil leadership’s thoughts around the business of diversity and inclusion, and shares Joules events from sites around the world:

  • I Am a Joule: Features that showcase the diversity of our Joules and the impact they are having on our business, our customers and their coworkers.
  • Voices of Jabil: Articles written by Jabil leaders on topics spanning diversity and inclusion, business values and more.
  • Events & Programs: Events our local Joules programs are involved with, from workshops to networking to community outreach.
  • Perspectives Beyond Jabil: External news that connect to Joules’ focus areas of Educate, Mentor and Connect.

Have questions or a suggestion for our next blog post? Email us at Jabil_Joules@Jabil.com

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