Ami Warren Delights Our Customers

They say once you’ve hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up. Being optimistic was the only way Ami Warren, Global Business Unit Program Manager in Tiszaujvaros, and her project team pulled their site up from a less-than-satisfactory customer satisfaction scorecard to being one of the best-in-class. Warren and her team, taking home first place in the customer satisfaction category of the Deliver Best Practices competition, represent a Jabil core value: Delight Our Customers.

As Warren described her team’s project in front of Jabil executives during the competition, customer scorecard results were not in great shape over consecutive quarters for the Tiszaujvaros site. By placing a special focus on defining and institutionalizing a customer-centric continuous improvement cycle of positive collaboration and communication, the site was able to improve the customer relationships and win new business awards.

Defining success as happiness, the best piece of career advice Warren ever received was that it’s good to start from the bottom and learn your way up. As she says, “it’s the best way to learn and make improvements through personal experience.” Warren’s experience with the Tiszaujvaros team gave her the opportunity to work her way up, while focusing on delighting Jabil’s customers.

The best thing about Jabil’s culture to Warren is empowerment. “Empowerment and the idea that you can do the right thing and drive your own destiny within the company is my favorite thing about the Jabil culture.”

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