Amie Angel: Challenging Herself and Others

Amie Angel is, in a phrase, a team player. When the Business Unit Manager from Jabil’s Auburn Hills location found out her team was advancing in the Deliver Best Practices competition, the first thing she did was pull her team together and congratulate them. Identifying the best part of her job as “leading a phenomenal group of talented people,” it’s clear that Angel respects her colleagues.

The team’s project, “Keeping an Automated Eye on Coat Defects,” was one of 8 projects where a representative was asked to travel to Jabil’s corporate headquarters in St. Petersburg and present as part of the customer satisfaction category. The team identified an opportunity to implement new optical inspection technology to detect flaws in coat and room temperature vulcanizing silicone, reducing defects missed by human inspection.

Angel’s ability to challenge herself and others, one of Jabil’s core values, is evident as her proudest moment at work was when her team received “a Quarterly Business Review, or QBR, with 100% and no opportunities for improvement.” She believes her peers think she’s “driven but also supportive of making them successful as well.”

In her free time, Angel spends time with her three daughters and husband. Her family brings her the most pride, as she acts as a positive role model for her girls. Challenging herself not only applies to her work life, she also likes to challenge herself with exercise and loves to run and lift weights.

Something surprising to Angel is that at Jabil, your biggest accomplishments don’t necessarily result in your biggest rewards. “It’s little things that catch the eyes of various people that can end up resulting in some of your biggest recognition. In a company this large, I think that’s amazing.”

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  1. Susan T-V says:

    Amie is a superstar and a great leader!!!!

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