Amy Shen: Jabil’s Ms. PPP

Meet Amy Shen. Or, as she referred to herself during the Deliver Best Practices competition, Ms. PPP. A training specialist at Jabil’s Taichung Design location, Shen knows a thing or two about accelerating people from good to great. First place winner of the Human Development category, Shen represented her team as she presented their “‘Good to Great’ Through the PPP Program” project to Jabil executives.

Shen and her team developed a three-month training program around three core values: operational Procedure, Professional knowledge and skills and Put into practice (workshop). Participants in the PPP program (try saying that three times fast) gain a deeper understanding of job functions as well as teamwork awareness. This program proved a reduction in workplace conflicts and increases retention rates of employees.

Shen encompasses a core value of Respect Others. Her training program understands that individuals learn in unique ways and therefore, they utilize various training mechanisms. By respecting these differences, Shen is better able to train and garner results from the program’s participants.

Before Ms. PPP’s day can begin, she requires a book and a cup of coffee early in the morning. Placing an emphasis on her family, the best career advice she ever received was from her dad and as soon as she gets home from work, she embraces her daughter with a big hug.

Shen had worries and concerns when she became pregnant that her supervisor would treat her differently. Thankfully for Shen, her worries couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

“When I got pregnant, I was really worried to tell my boss about this personal thing in my life,” said Shen. “But, I got full support from my manager. He wanted me to take care of myself.”

Shen is a shining example of one of Jabil’s core value: Respect Others.

We want to hear from you:
How have your respect for others in the workplace resulted in success stories?

4 Responses to Amy Shen: Jabil’s Ms. PPP

  1. allen says:

    Good program for employee development.

  2. Karen says:

    Joining ppp good to great 🙂

  3. Grace says:

    Amy is a wonderful Jabil’s Ms. PPP. We are proud of you.

  4. veronica says:


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