Ande, Elaine, Nancy and Zanariah Inspire With Ingenuity

The Manufacturing Institute began the Science, Technology, Engineering and Production (STEP) Ahead initiative in 2012 to showcase women across manufacturing who are recognized by their company’s leadership. This year, we had eight extraordinary nominees, who have all positively impacted Jabil and the field of manufacturing.

Jabil’s Nominees

Jabil’s 2018 STEP Ahead nominees have showcased their commitment to innovation, collaboration and bringing a positive attitude to work. Four nominees – Ande Johnson, Elaine Zhou, Nancy Chang and Zanariah Nordin – were recognized for their dedication to helping others succeed, both in and out of the workplace. Each woman’s story exemplifies Jabil’s culture of inspiration and ingenuity and provides hope for future female talent in the manufacturing industry.

Elaine’s Community Connections

Helping the less fortunate is a passion for Elaine Zhou, Regional Logistics Manager at Jabil Shanghai. She extends her work to many organizations, including those that help children with autism, children in orphanages, the elderly and those living with disabilities. While Elaine’s personal goal is to empower underprivileged community members, she aligns her professional goals to support her site and employees to help everyone be successful. The logistics system she developed, for example, has received many honors and awards, including winning first place at Jabil’s Deliver Best Practices continuous improvement competition and the 5-Star Best Performance Award – the highest customs honor in China. Elaine’s ability to collaborate with many diverse shareholders, those in the community and at the Shanghai facility, is what makes her shine as an inspiring leader.

Ande Bridges Passions

Ande Johnson, Senior Director of Information Technology at St. Petersburg Corporate, focuses on collaborating within her department to transform mindsets from infrastructure-centric to technology as a service. Her work creating a new energy management platform, which will help with company-wide energy cost reduction, is just one of the many large projects she is using to reshape the world of IT at Jabil. Outside of work, Ande is dedicated to inspiring the lives of youth. She created “Tech Tuesdays” at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg to introduce children to the wonders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. With this program, Ande has found a way to bridge her passion for technology with her desire to help children.

Zanariah’s Commitment to Mentor

Similarly, Zanariah Nordin, Assistant Production Manager, gives back to her Penang community by sharing her knowledge. As an instructor at multiple local polytechnics and institutes, she is able to empower and influence the minds of the next-generation technical workforce. “Zanariah is an inspiring leader and shares her expertise to help those on her team grow and succeed,” said Vice President of Regional Operations, Kim Seong Lai. “Her success as a senior line manager comes from her drive for continuous improvement.” Working at Jabil for 22 years, she has become an expert in many areas but is best known for her abilities to handle complex issues with ease and turn negative situations into positive, learning experiences.

Nancy Embraces Collaboration

As one of the youngest leaders at her site, Nany Chang may have less tenure than other nominees, but she has clearly demonstrated her ingenuity through her analytical skills, lean practices and ability to take calculated risks. Nancy is a strong leader, dedicated to continuously improving work processes and mentoring those on her team to succeed. As a specialist in the manufacturing engineering department at Jabil Taichung Tooling, Nancy keeps projects on-time and under-budget, while continuously increasing process efficiency. Her passion is not only to continue to grow professionally but also includes sharing her knowledge and experience with others so they can also succeed too. Like our other Jabil STEP Ahead nominees, Nancy is committed to teaching others: she provides training course for both students and other Jabil employees through partnerships with local universities to better prepare them for a role in manufacturing.

With their inspiration and passion, these Joules are encouraging examples for their peers and Jabil. Congratulations to Ande, Elaine, Nancy and Zanariah!

Look for more inspiring Jabil leaders next week as we share more on Jabil’s 2018 STEP Ahead Award nominees.

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  1. Congratulations to all the nominees! Reading about all the ways you give back to your communities is inspiring. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others.

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