Andrea, Anna, Csilla and May are Committed to Integrity

The Manufacturing Institute’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Production (STEP) Ahead program was created to showcase women who are positively impacting the manufacturing industry. Women are nominated for their continuous dedication to improving the manufacturing field, inspiring others and leading by example. This year, Jabil’s STEP Ahead nominees all demonstrated their passion to inspire — these four of the nominees exemplified their dedication to Integrity.

Jabil’s Nominees

A key part of being a great leader involves being responsible for the well-being of employees, the company and the community, which Andrea Wolf, Anna Cybulska, Csilla Varró and May Lin have demonstrated in alignment with Jabil’s culture of Integrity and as Jabil Joules.

Andrea’s Commitment to Mentoring

Working with integrity includes being an accountable leader, which Andrea Wolf has proven over her four years at Jabil. She proactively searches for opportunities to enhance her team’s skill set by finding new, more efficient capabilities – always keeping employees’ and the company’s well-being top-of-mind. “Instead of working on projects in the same way as they have been done in the past, Andrea looks at the problems in different ways and researches if a system or process improvement could be made,” said Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Michelle Smith.

Lean Bronze certified, Andrea implements lean strategies in business and change communications to improve the way information gets to Jabil’s employees and leaders. Her passion for education runs deep, as Andrea’s background consists of working in higher education and volunteering with multiple school-based programs. Andrea currently participates in the Walking School Bus where she walks students safely to school; an annual school supply donation drive; and being a mentor at a local middle school. Andrea can be counted on to put innovation, integrity and others first.

Safety First for Anna

As Kwidzyn’s Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, Anna Cybulska exemplifies Jabil’s culture of safety first in her everyday work life. She has introduced multiple initiatives to improve the workplace for employees not just at her site in Poland but across the globe. One of her recent projects was creating a forklift with a built-in sensor that knows when people are walking by and immediately stops, keeping employees safe on the factory floor.

As a leader, Anna not only ‘thinks big’ with all her tasks but also encourages her employees to do the same and advocates on their behalf. “Anna’s work in employee safety is a testament to her dedication to speaking up on behalf of those in manufacturing,” said Tibor Czako, director of operations at the site. Her dedication to the safety and well-being of those around her can also be seen in the community, exemplified by her quick reaction to help people in Kwidzyn recover from a major storm that resulted in flooding and destruction. She organized a donation drive, collecting food, clothing, blankets and other necessities.

Csilla Does What’s Right, What’s Needed

Like many Joules, Csilla Varró, is dedicated to lean practices to help lead her team, department and site to success. As the Senior Lean Coach at Jabil Tiszaújváros, Csilla’s hard work and dedication to the site has been proven time and time again. She took initiative, becoming the first employee at the site to be Lean Bronze certified, and quickly set out to share her knowledge. “Csilla took her success and turned it into a tool to mentor,” said Krisztián Aczél, business unit director. “Her passion for continuous improvement has proven to be contagious, as many of her employees have taken lean certification courses and participated in a company-wide best practices competition.”

Csilla not only mentors her employees to grow professionally but also leads by example – she returned to school to earn a degree in logistics engineering after joining the Lean Logistics team. Promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics education is important to Csilla, and she shares that passion with young girls in Tiszaújváros through a Girls Day event she organized that invites young females from the community to the facility to learn about the possibilities of a career in STEM.

May Improves Production and Environment

Similarly, May Lin is passionate about bringing awareness to STEM, which is evident through her work to bridge employee training with the latest technical advancements. She’s an early adopter of new technology, sharing her knowledge so employees can thrive at the Taichung facility. “May always advocates for the implementation of best practices at the site, which has not only positively impacted employees but also helped broaden our customer base,” said Director of Operations, Kanghai Wang.

Working with integrity, May remains committed to projects from start to finish, working cross-functionally to ensure success. Along with being a well-respected leader at the site, she also works hard to improve the community and environment. May focuses on the environment, and along with her team, created a system that reduces CO2 emissions and minimizes production’s impact on the surrounding Taichung community.

With a commitment to integrity, safety and continuous improvement, these four nominees are paving the way for future female leaders at Jabil and across the manufacturing industry. Congratulations Andrea, Anna, Csilla and May!



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