Anna Goldfuss: Championing Jabil Joules at Nypro Germany


Anna Goldfuss is one of our most active Jabil Joules Champions at Nypro Knittlingen in Germany. The positive and intelligent 24-year-old joined Jabil in 2015 and works on the HR Development Team. Her journey with Jabil began when she wrote her bachelor thesis on the implementation of the HR tool, Success Factors, at the Knittlingen site in 2014.

IMG_4662As a child she always wanted to become an elementary school teacher, then she decided to study business and today she is responsible for the internal and external training for the employees of Nypro Knittlingen. Being part of the HR Development Team fulfills her dream, as it allows her to teach and train people like she would have done as an elementary school teacher.

Getting the opportunity to join Jabil immediately after her graduation fills her with pride and is one of her greatest professional achievements so far. Her future goal is to become a supervisor of a motivated team and work on employee satisfaction and motivation as well as increase the number of women in leadership positions at the German site.

What Matters in Life

What brings a big smile on her face is talking about her lovely boyfriend and the important role of her family in her life. In her free time, Anna enjoys spending quality time together with her parents, her two brothers and friends, playing sports, and volunteering in different youth clubs. For example, she voluntarily teaches dancing to young girls in the age of 4-8. She also supported the organization of Knittlingen’s first Jabil Joules run. The team was awarded the trophy for the biggest and fastest group during that race.

The thing she appreciates the most about the Jabil Joules program is that it makes all our employees think about diversity and motivates them to take actions and make a difference.

She gladly took the responsibility of being one of our European Jabil Joules Champions and working towards greater tolerance and acceptance regardless of religion, culture, age, gender and race in our workforce.

IMG_2538To achieve these goals she experiences great support of her Jabil Joules Team Members (Jennifer Stahl and Jasmin Kammerer), who always have good ideas and help her to do great work.

Anna’s Advice

She follows the saying of her former English teacher: “Rather than being self-critical, we should be honest to ourselves, believe in ourselves and fight for our goals.”

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