Aoife Brings Culture to the Forefront

Aoife Kennedy has been with Nypro Bray since 2008, and as a Human Resources Business Partner, she had a critical role following Jabil’s acquisition of Nypro in 2013. Using her extensive experience in performance management, Aoife used the acquisition as an opportunity to put culture at the forefront of employee relations.

“I’m very passionate about where I work and the people I work with,” Aoife said. “Without unity around company values, there is the potential for negative impacts on productivity and subsequently the customers.” Recognizing the business value of cultural alignment, she set out to ensure there weren’t lingering effects from the acquisition. Drawing from her human resources and previous journalism experiences, she and her team successfully developed, implemented and communicated the “Grow Your Culture” program, which resulted in nearly 100 percent participation in the activities designed to increase awareness of Jabil’s cultural values. The program used fun, team-building exercises and educational sessions to demonstrate how their previous Nypro standards easily aligned to Jabil’s culture of Integrity, Ingenuity and Inspiration.

Aoife’s success can be attributed to both her passion and the support she received from her coworkers. “This really couldn’t have been done without the efforts of all the employees at the site,” she said. Aoife credits the inspirational atmosphere she works in, especially that created by her mentor Ruth Lloyd, Senior Human Resources Manager. Ruth has championed an open, creative and educational relationship to help Aoife grow professionally and personally, exemplifying Bray’s, and Jabil’s, culture of collaboration.

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