Awo Embodies the Spirit of STEM

Born and raised in Accra, Ghana on the coast of West Africa, Awo Brenya moved to the United States to attend college, where she acquired a diverse and complex educational background. Along with dual bachelor’s degrees in computer science and statistics, she also earned two master’s degrees – one in International Business and the second in Information and Telecommunications Systems. It was her education that provided her the perfect niche of skills to be successful as Jabil’s Finance and IT Controls Associate.  “I have the chance to be in two focus areas of STEM – finance and technology – and it’s really exciting to see how the two work together,” Awo said.

Prior to her position here at Jabil, she worked as an Information Technology Auditor for a steel manufacturing company where she applied what she learned in school and began shaping her future career. “It was at this point I started to hone my technical and business skills and see how the two can be combined into one field,” Awo said.

She joined Jabil’s Finance department one year ago when her unique analytical knowledge made her the best candidate for the position. Awo attributes her success to the mentors she had along her journey who guided her through the vast career options and helped her see how to join her two educational paths into one career field. “My mentors showed me how to perfectly combine my degrees and work experience into a career I hadn’t even known was possible,” Awo said. She says it takes a lot of mentoring, coaching and research to find the best career, but it’s worth it in the end!

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  1. Congratulation Awo for all your achievements ¡ Now you should be a mentor to for other women’s !!

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