Bringing a Positive Attitude: Sandra Dekkers

1D6A0389Sandra Dekkers, a Project Manager at Jabil Venray, Netherlands, since December 2014, can positively motivate and impact her colleagues. After a long day of sitting throughout the 2015 Deliver Best Practices Competition, she politely asked everyone in the room to stand when it came time for her to present. This impactful gesture was representative of how her team developed a wellness program to create happier and healthier employees, which aligns with one of Jabil’s key culture points of bringing a positive attitude.

The team found that unhealthy lifestyle behaviors such as consuming fast food due to time restraints, lack of sleep and insufficient exercise had a negative impact on employees. They set out to develop a vitality program to enhance the health of Jabil Venray’s employees, an advantage for both the employees and Jabil.

In order to create lifestyle awareness throughout the Venray site, the program offered employees the opportunity to sign-up for a free and non-committal personal lifestyle and vitality check. After conducting several health checks, which allowed the team to gather information and insight into core issues, employees were given tools that would effectively improve their lifestyles.

The program held organized activities and events that promoted movement. These activities included soccer tournaments, Zumba classes, yoga classes and exercise bootcamps. It also aimed to improve the mental health of employees through workshops on mindfulness and laughing, along with massages and breathing exercises. In addition, a company recipe book was created to promote healthy meal choices.

The team also challenged employees by promoting alcohol awareness where participants gave up alcohol for 30 days. The program also encouraged smokers to quit — 13 percent of participating employees were able to quit smoking.

Moving forward, the team plans to maintain and continue the program through promotional health posters, a regularly updated event calendar, a bi-weekly bootcamp and monthly sports tournaments. The business and financial impact of the program also resulted in longstanding employment and avoidance of medical costs for sick employees.

On her free time, Dekkers enjoys traveling, reading, tennis, running and cooking. She said she’s proud of the achievements her team’s initiative and making it to the Global Competition finals.

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  1. Suet Li says:

    This is a wonderful sharing! Thank you!

  2. Ajay Singha says:

    Good Job Sandra!

    You represent innovation that Jabil needs. Wishing you and your program all the success.

    BR, Ajay

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