Bringing a Positive Attitude to a Logistical Challenge: Elaine Zhou

During the Deliver Best Practices competition, things can get very serious, afterall they are competing for top prizes. The ever-cheerful Elaine Zhou, Logistics & Customs Trade Compliance Manager from Jabil’s Shanghai site, represented her team and presented their project during the 2014 competition.

With a focus on the future, Zhou and her team developed a new management system for balancing logistics and manufacturing while cutting costs in their project, “The Portal Into the Future of Logistics.” The portal they created manages and controls vendors / forwarders as well as improves awareness surrounding buyers and logistics. The project received first place in the “Operational Excellence” category of the competition.

Seeing setbacks as motivation, Zhou always brings a positive attitude, one of Jabil’s core values, to what she does and gains inspiration from customers’ feedback.

“In manufacturing we have to face various customers’ requirements and sometimes these are challenging,” said Zhou. “These requirements give us a lot of innovation, creative and imaginary space.”

It’s evident Zhou and her team acted as a family as the song they chose to represent them during the competition was “We are Family” by Sly and the Family Stone. Additionally, Zhou states that the best part of her job is her “wonderful team members.”

In her free time, Zhou likes to travel with her family and one day would really like to backpack around the world.

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