Candy Chung: ‘Nothing is Impossible’

Part of Jabil’s mission is to provide unparalleled customer service to drive high levels of customer satisfaction.  Senior Business Unit Manager Candy Chung believes each employee must do their part to help Jabil achieve this goal and has taken this mission to heart.

When a quality issue arose, Candy’s customer asked Jabil Guangzhou to send failed boards to their lab in the United States for failure analysis.  Unfortunately, due to Chinese New Year holiday closures, the boards were stuck in China customs and would not be shipped to the United States until the following week. Chung immediately began to think about how she could overcome this obstacle.

“I found that DHL was still working in Hong Kong even though it was a holiday and I decided to hand carry the boards from China to Hong Kong by myself as it was the fastest way, said Candy.

Even though the Guangzhou site was closed for the Chinese New Year, Chung’s team met at the plant to quickly collect and pack the required boards.  “The team was very supportive and did not hesitate to return to the plant even though it was a holiday,” Chung said.

Candy personally delivered the boards to DHL in Hong Kong where they were shipped express to the United States.  “My customer-first mentality prompted me to respond to the issue the way that I did,” she said.  “Nothing is impossible.  We at least need to do our best before we tell the customer that we cannot do something.”

The customer was delighted with the fast response and solution that the Guangzhou site provided.  The customer’s Director of Manufacturing Operations, sent an email to Alex Parimbelli, Jabil’s Senior Vice President of Global Business Units, thanking the team for their support and singling out Chung for her “excellent display of customer service.”

“I hope that what I did will further enhance the impression to the customer that Jabil is flexible and responsive,” said Candy. “Jabil is not only providing cost, quality and delivery, but total customer satisfaction.”


About Candy

Candy joined Jabil in 2000 as a Project Manager. She was promoted from Business Unit Coordinator to Business Unit Manager before accepting her current position of Senior Business Unit Manager. Prior to joining Jabil, Candy was employed at Orient Power as a Marketing Executive. She holds a degree in Marketing from Hong Kong Baptist University.

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  1. Sophia Chen says:

    Good sharing.

  2. Queeny Peng says:

    Very good sharing

  3. Titi Yeoh says:

    Excellent Customer Service demostrated ..great Leadership by example.

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