Experience is the Icing on the Cake

Recently nominated as the Anti-Money Laundering Professional of the Month, Jabil’s Director of Regulatory Risk Compliance Kathalin Carvalho has been recognized for her commitment to integrity. Receiving this award from the Association of Certified Ant-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS)… Read More

2017 STEP Ahead Honoree: Dr. Nitya Vittal Making an Impact Wherever She Goes

Jabil Joules is pleased to congratulate Dr. Nitya Vittal, Regional Materials Director in Memphis, Tennessee as one of the 2017 STEP Ahead Honorees. “I am very excited and feel motivated that my work and efforts have been recognized,”… Read More

Dr. Gillian Shapiro: Minimizing Bias and Maximizing Inclusion

Dr. Gillian Shapiro regularly conducts and is asked to speak on her leading edge research on Inclusive Leadership. She led pan-European action research programs across a number of sectors on employee diversity and innovation. Her Doctorate focused on the… Read More

Anna Jozwicka: Stop Trying to Be Miss Perfect

Anna Jozwicka, Talent Development Manager at Jabil Europe discusses topics related to male and female leadership development. While Jozwicka believes that both men and women are held to the same leadership standards, she says that women generally believe… Read More

From Around the Web: How Female Millennials Can Build Trust at Work

Challenging organizational barriers is something Jabil Joules is committed to, sometimes with brute force, in order to bolster the representation of females in leadership, operations and corporate counsel roles. One common organizational barrier females entering the workforce face… Read More