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The Sky’s the Limit at Jabil: Sonya Soparkar

According to the research summary of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), gender diversity benefits workforces in many different ways. Companies where women occupy a significant proportion of management positions perform better financially, demonstrate higher team dynamics and improved employee performance.

Sonya Soparkar, Senior Director of New Business Development, believes that diversity helps grow the reputation of a company internally and externally. “Being diverse as a company will hence attract more applicants on the one side and socially responsible business partners on the other,” she said.

Sonya sees Jabil Joules in Europe as a very exciting initiative: “It gives us the opportunity to make a difference. I think if we had more females involved in this program within the company itself and also attract more female applicants from the outside, we’d be off to a really great start of the Jabil Joules program.”

Her advice to the females at Jabil:

  1. Get inspired, get informed, then get involved.

  2. Make a plan of your career goals and objectives.

  3. Reach out to different people to find a mentor that’s right for you.

  4. Set the plan in motion. Aim for the sky.

She has worked with many brilliant and very capable women at different sites in Europe and believes that Jabil Joules opens the possibility to reach out to them and help them get into higher positions. In her opinion, Jabil offers a lot of support for anyone that wants to be involved, who works hard, produces results and for them, the sky’s the limit at Jabil.

Watch video interview with Sonya Soparkar, below.

Sonya Soparkar is Jabil’s Senior Director, Global New Business Development. Sonya joined Jabil in 2011 as part of the European Sales Organization and progressed into a global role leading sales for Telecom and Point of Sales – two fastest growing sectors in Engineering Manufacturing Services (EMS). Sonya has a vast experience working internationally in the Americas, Europe and Asia. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Management and a Masters of Business Administration from the McMaster University in Canada.

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