The Value of Education: Learning from Books and Beyond

By: Michelle Binnie, Director of Supply Chain Management Education has often been seen as the path to one’s first job; however, it’s just as important for continuously growing yourself and your career. Furthering my education has been massively… Read More

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Benefits You & Supports the Business

  By: Angeline Tan, senior business unit director     Even after more than 10 years at Jabil, I feel as though I’m still developing my career plan. It correlates well with my most previous job in strategic… Read More

Four Lessons of Leadership From Startups to Corporations

By: Ande Johnson, senior information technology director Early in my career, I joined a technology startup as merely “Employee #19” of what would later become a midsized technology company, delivering cloud-based services before the term “cloud” even existed. It… Read More

An Indirect Career Path Leads to Success

By: Cindy House, director of global design engineering operations   While my background may seem disconnected at first glance, the different positions I held all complemented each other here at Jabil. I started my career in computer science… Read More

Diversity is the Essential Ingredient for a Global Company

By: Emily Lai, director of design Growing up, I knew I would work for a global company one day – I was born in Hong Kong and attended college in the United States. Living in two very different… Read More