Celine Gmelin: Women Power in the Tool Shop

Celine Gmelin-

Céline Gmelin is a Tooling Assembler IV at Nypro Germany site in Knittlingen. In her position she is responsible for maintaining injection molding tools, a job that is primarily occupied by men.

After finishing high school, Celine decided to do an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic — the only female student among 26 male colleagues. With a focus on completing her studies, she finished her apprenticeship in three and a half years and in November 2013 started her career at Nypro Germany as a production operator. But this was just an opening for her to get into her field as an industrial mechanic. Finally in July 2015, a position opened up and she got the chance to be promoted to technician. She is now in a training program learning tool maintenance skills and is a proud team member of the tool shop.

Nypro: Have you always been interested in technology?

Céline: I remember getting a dollhouse when I was six years old. It was a nice gift, but I really never played with dolls; I was more interested in how it was built – how such a small house can be built out of wood. This was really fascinating and I started to feel an interest in the technical aspects of things. My uncle is very technical and I remember always helping him build different things and enjoyed figuring out how everything works.

Nypro: When did you decide to work in a technical field?

Céline: I did several internships just to see what I would like to do and to get an idea of what different jobs are about. Most of my internships were technical such as tooling mechanic or carpenter, but I also did one at an office just to see if I would rather be a clerk. But to be honest, I quickly realized that I am not a person who wants to sit for eight hours a day in front of a computer. I always wanted to create something. It is such a good feeling to look at a machine construction at the end of a day and be able to say I built that. The decision to take the apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic was made after I visited a Girls Day event. There, I had a chance to see exactly what an industrial mechanic does, what they create and how they build things. After that I knew this is what I wanted to do in my life. When I was quite young I already kind of knew I would like to be in a technical field, but Girls Day helped me figure out what job I wanted.

Nypro: Did you ever experience any challenges as a woman in a male dominated work environment?

Céline: No, not at all. I never had the feeling I was left out or that I was treated differently, neither during my apprenticeship nor here at Nypro Germany. Everyone was always nice and willing to help and support me if needed.

Nypro: What are your plans for the future?

Céline: First of all, I’d like to focus on getting more work experience and maybe in a few years I can go back to study again to eventually become a team leader. I can also imagine being a trainer, who is responsible for the education of students. There are so many different things you can do if you have a technical background, it is just amazing. It also helps at home – I can do a lot of things on my own and don’t need to call someone to help me or buy something; I just create them on my own.

Nypro: What do you think is needed to get girls into technical jobs?

Céline: I think for young girls it is important that they get exposed to technical jobs. Otherwise they won’t know if they would like it or not. Of course having a certain interest in technology from the beginning helps, but a lot of things you can learn and should not be afraid of it.

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