Christina Lacy: Open Communication to Delight Our Customers


Delighting our customers, a key component of Jabil’s culture, is something that was fully utilized by Christina Lacy and her project team with their Gas Busters Project. Lacy, a Quality Supervisor at Nypro Healthcare in Chicago, presented on behalf of her team in the Customer satisfaction category during the 2015 Deliver Best Practices Competition. Throughout the entire project timeline, her team encouraged open dialogue between the customer and team members. By keeping the dialogue open, the team was able to build trust with the customer.

The medical device that the Chicago Nypro manufactures is a system used for diabetic testing by labs and technicians. A problem arose when the customer reported an interference with their results during the injection molding process. The “gassing” interference, a term coined by the team, was being caused due to an unidentified removable substance.

After determining that stearic acid was causing the gassing defect, the team set out to solve the issue. The gassing problem led to more than a million products being lost or put on hold and put the customer relationship in jeopardy. The goal was to reduce the occurrence by at least 50% and to increase customer satisfaction which was at an all time low.

After collecting data and analyzing product defect metrics, the team was able to prove that the stearic acid was the leading cause of the problem. This was validated through engineering studies with a new resin formulation, without stearic acid, that had no defects. However, this presented a problem because the customer did not want to get the product revalidated due to removing the substance and bringing in a new resin formulation.

Lacy’s team now faced the challenge of finding a new solution that would be simple and low cost for the customer. The team ended up choosing the most cost-effective solution and were able to remove a small amount of material which filters out the gassing. Gassing was then reduced by 70 percent and rejection rates were reduced by 75 percent.

Through weekly meetings and open communication, the team was able to satisfy their customer which led to three new tools being awarded to Nypro. In addition, it impacted shareholder value with an 8 percent increase in orders.

For Lacy and her team, the main takeaway is that great communication leads to a better customer relationships. And, not only did her team delight the customer, but they also helped enhance the detection of diabetes in the process.

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