Cisco’s CTO: Do Women In Business Give Up Their Power?

Photo: Cisco Australia-NewZealand (Creative Commons)

In the notoriously male-dominated field of technology, Cisco’s Chief Technology Officer Padmasree Warrior often finds that she is the sole woman at meetings and conferences. Rather than being intimidated, Warrior sees this as an opportunity to be noticed and remembered and encourages other women to view their gender as a “unique platform” to be heard. In a recent interview with Forbes Woman, Warrior discussed leadership techniques, taking risks and taking time to opt out of our increasingly connected world.

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We want to hear from you: Do you agree that being a female provides you with a unique platform in your career? Why?

3 Responses to Cisco’s CTO: Do Women In Business Give Up Their Power?

  1. Araceli Villarreal says:

    Because women have demonstrated that is an angular piece in business area due to their soft and femenine touch and flexibility to negotiate

  2. jenny says:

    Padmasree Warrior is sucessful just like Yang Lan in China. We should admire her and lwarn from her.

  3. Mellissa Gamez says:

    I think the hardest part about being a woman in a leadership role is dealing with the intimidation men feel as well as convincing those who are used to dealing with men as their authority. It is a psychological “game” and I am grateful for my undergrad background in Psychology. I agreed with Warrior’s take on establishing an efficient team and letting them take credit for their accomplishments. It is also our job to hire smart and train up our team. Once they are ready it will only make you stronger as a leader. You will be supported at the level of requirements you expect as well as you will have done your job in mentoring your team successfully.

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