Coding Confidence: Igniting Brilliance through Feminine Leadership

Lisa Marie Jenkins, executive coach specializing in female leadership, recently visited Jabil’s headquarters in St. Petersburg to present at a Jabil Joules Power Hour. Lisa spoke in front of more than 70 employees on Wednesday, July 12th, on overcoming self-doubt and building the confidence it takes to become an effective leader. 

Prior to launching her consulting business, Lisa spent more than 20 years working in senior sales and marketing roles for Fortune 500 companies including Cisco, Xerox and Tech Data. Lisa also recently published her first book Wake Up Beauty! It’s Not About The Prince and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.  

Her presentation, Coding Confidence: Igniting Brilliance through Feminine Leadership, highlighted how to develop the confidence needed to take action and risks in everyday life.  

“I hope that you walk away with a new perspective and a deeper understanding of what your role is because I guarantee you…. you not only have an opportunity to rise as a leader, but a responsibility,” said Lisa at the beginning of her session. 

The interactive session between Lisa and the audience included a discussion about unconscious gender bias. By sharing the example of the Howard and Heidi Columbia Business School case study, she further explained the growing issue surrounding the unconscious gender bias that is still present in the workplace today. She also emphasized how courage and authenticity are crucial elements of becoming a powerful and effective leader.  

“We as human beings are built to take care of one another, to look out for one another, to collaborate and celebrate each other’s success,” said Lisa. “And a leader who will embrace this will rule.”  

Lisa highlighted the importance of not only building courage and confidence, but also using it your daily life to constantly take new risks and challenges. According to Lisa, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but sensing the fear and pushing through it to continue to grow your confidence through every experience.”  

The session wrapped up with her tips for building confidence and courage in your everyday life. She suggested to the audience to always bite off more than you can chew because it will force you to figure it out, to not be afraid of rejection and to silence your inner critic and negative self-talk that is holding you back. 

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