Coping with Mommy Guilt

Any mother – or father, for that matter – who works full-time deals with some level of guilt. We question whether or not we’re giving enough time and attention to our children while also tending to spouses, families and bosses. On in Letter To Working Mothers: Stop Feeling So Guilty, Margie Warrell says: “It’s time to reclaim our right to enjoy our kids, lest child rearing become a long exercise in never measuring up.”

Check out the five ways she says we can embrace our shortfalls and focus our energy on what really matters.


We want to hear from you:
How do you cope with or lessen “Mommy Guilt?”

One Response to Coping with Mommy Guilt

  1. Beth says:

    Here’s my balance: I work with the people I like, I live with the people I love and I love the job I do.

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