DiAnn Beesch: Impacting a Global Workforce

DiAnn Beesch Mar '16 (2)DiAnn Beesch, Director of Global Quality Systems, plays an instrumental role in meeting and exceeding customer expectations at Jabil. Her integrity, personality and strong background in quality systems and audits makes her stand out as a leader across the organization. Recently, her influential attributes were highlighted when she was recognized as one of seven Jabil nominees of this year’s 2016 Women in Manufacturing STEP Ahead Award.

Led by DiAnn for the last three years, Jabil’s internal audit program has strengthened the quality systems in our sites. She single-handedly set up a unique quality system and internal audit program that has proven to be effective in identifying systemic risks. This has resulted in significant reduction of non-conformities and an increase in customer loyalty due to improved performance in audits.

Never failing to step in and support other Jabil locations, DiAnn spent several months at Jabil San Jose when the site was experiencing quality system issues. During her assignment, DiAnn worked closely with teams and led daily meetings to help identify and resolve quality systems gaps.

During her time in San Jose, DiAnn focused on developing a plan to improve their system and the need to develop people at the site so they could sustain operational success after her assignment was over.

Her influence extends globally, where she is known to lead by example and make tough decisions, while working with various cultures and sites across the world.

From Quality Managers at our Poughkeepsie site to Quality Section Managers in Penang, DiAnn has mentored several people throughout her career. She has also conducted classroom trainings and on-the-job coaching. In addition, she has mentored individuals on soft skills such as interpersonal communication and best practices for success in the quality profession.

Known for demonstrating strong fortitude as a leader, DiAnn has guided several teams in breaking down issues and tackling problems head on. A woman who successfully impacts a global workforce, DiAnn’s ability to drive quality system excellence is exemplary and an inspiration to Jabil employees everywhere.

“I nominated DiAnn because it is the right thing to do,” said Derris Chew, Senior Director of Global Quality Systems at Jabil. “She has been, and still is, an inspiration to many in her professional conduct and an inspiration in consistently delivering results.”

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