Diversifying the Workforce & Paving the Way for Global Success


By MY Lee, Senior Vice President of Operations


As an international company, Jabil has a diverse culture and way of thinking. It’s important to create opportunities for colleagues to interact across the enterprise in order to bring novel and “disruptive” ideas to our business. This, in turn, positively affects our customers and, ultimately, our financial results.

At Jabil’s Taichung Tooling facility, we support this idea of diversifying development by emphasizing job transferring, where we breakdown the required skills needed for different positions, so we can first focus on training transferable skills. Employees then have a better opportunity to try new positions and move across the departments to gain unique experiences and perspectives. We’ve leveraged our technology-drive mindset and created videos on standard operating procedures, which are shared with all employees to broaden their knowledge of Taichung Tooling’s work.

Our goal is to make [our employees] into global leaders.

My leadership team also focuses on providing opportunities for employees to learn soft skills, like communication and leadership. We encourage employees to join customer meetings to enhance their ability to communicate and improve their English, with the goal of making them into global leaders.

By supporting diversity and inclusion efforts at the site, we have seen positive results that bring good fortune to the company, including reduced personnel turnover rate. By providing more opportunities for employees to learn from their peers and work on projects in other departments, we can better meet our workforce’s development demands and enhance workplace satisfaction.

… with the gender gap closing, I’m doing what I can to support that movement.

While supporting unique opportunities for all employees, a personal goal of mine is to support the female talent at our Taichung sites. The male workforce makes up the majority of the manufacturing field, but with the gender gap closing, I’m doing what I can to support that movement. Working to equalize our talent, I’m focused on hiring more female engineers and supporting efforts to provide leadership training to them. Recently, we had two female employees recently promoted to high management positions – Helen Lee and Christine Tsai, now both assistant operations managers.

I also support initiatives like the Manufacturing Institute’s STEP Ahead Awards and nominate our strong female talent for recognition. I’m proud that two of the four employees I submitted last year were selected as official nominees: May Lin and Nancy Chang.

At the facility, I’ve seen firsthand the different perspectives that male and females bring to the table, and how together those different ideas lead to great success. Empowerment means leading with integrity, trust and belief in others, and together with a diversified talent pool, we can all create positive change.


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  1. Big ditto on internal transfer and career development. Work in good company, and grow towards our dream capacity all at the same time. Go MY and team!

  2. Congratulations MY and team. It is really great to see support for this key initiative

    Further congratulations to May, Nancy, Helen and Christine

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