Diversity & Inclusion: A Mid-Year Update

By: Jackie Darling, Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources

Since my last article, we have read many inspiring stories of personal development, experiences and achievements from Jabil Joules around the world. These real-world examples emphasize how diversity of education, background and experience brings real value to the workplace. Joules who have shared their stories have also demonstrated that an inclusive culture of being able to be your true self matters.

Inclusivity Leads to Innovation

Increasing awareness around inclusivity leads to greater innovation, team performance and employee engagement, demonstrating how we all individually yet equally contribute to Jabil’s success. So, for the last six months, we have been exploring and researching what Diversity & Inclusion means at Jabil. We have been thoughtful regarding what matters to us and what we need to focus on. This will serve as the platform for all future initiatives and efforts designed to increase diversity across the organization.

Our Plan
Singapore Jabil Joules

Therefore our approach to Diversity and Inclusion is focused in three parts: first, we need to keep elevating the conversation on our diversity and our differences, which we can do by learning about each other, eliminating bias and respecting differences. Jabil Joules in Huangpu demonstrated this by being recognized by the Toastmasters International President for their commitment to diversity and empowering their employees.

Second, it’s about valuing our culture and how we work together, leveraging the value of our uniqueness to help drive our teams to success, which Joules around the world exemplified in the way they came together in fun, creative ways to celebrate the inclusivity of International Women’s Day in March.

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And finally, let’s remember integrity plays a role in the discussion since we must continually measure our progress and be accountable both in and outside of Jabil. Nitu Sinha spoke to this in her article about empowering women to join the manufacturing industry in India and the business value of gender diversity.

Going Foward

With that, I’m excited to share that in the coming weeks, we will launch a Diversity and Inclusion website and look forward to being able to offer more on how we will build initiatives in support of these three areas of focus.

We continue to be surrounded by examples of success inside our community, and it would be great to hear more of these stories. My ask of you is to share your story, so I can hear and understand your experiences. Think about what helps us to grow and consider what barriers might exist that challenge us? Please send me any examples via email (jackie_darling@jabil.com) and continue to share with Jabil Joules.

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