Diversity and Inclusion: Where Jabil is Headed



Author: Jacqueline Darling, Jabil’s Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion


As Jabil’s newly appointed Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion, I am excited about where we are headed. In a world of rapid and continuous change, surrounded by new and emerging technologies across a global landscape, we need a diverse and inclusive organization that will increase our ability to perform, innovate and differentiate. We must have opportunities for employees to contribute and succeed regardless of gender, race, religion and so forth. When we come together, we create even greater value to our peers, customers and shareholders. That is our strength.

Jabil’s Diversity

Because we are a global company with operations in nearly 30 countries, we have tremendous natural diversity in Jabil.  When we talk about diversity and inclusion together, we mean respecting and valuing our diversity, creating even more inclusive ways of working; including seeking out different opinions and respecting diversity of thought. We must be mindful and ensure there are opportunities for all employees to contribute and grow. By continuing to advance Jabil’s diversity and inclusion efforts, we remain committed not only to our employees but also demonstrate that we are able to evolve with the ever-changing customers and markets we serve.

It’s a Collective Effort

This is not just a task for leadership; we all must elevate conversations around diversity and inclusion. While leaders can consciously create environments with opportunity for all, we as individuals need to bring our own diverse thinking to the forefront. We must continue to support those around us, recognizing and valuing different beliefs, perspectives and experiences.

Taking Action

This year, Jabil’s efforts will focus on ways to increase opportunities for growth, empowerment and contribution. We will create stronger links with under-represented groups by increasing and creating platforms for greater inclusivity. By 2020, diversity and inclusion will be embedded in the fabric of Jabil, just as our cultural values of Integrity, Inspiration and Ingenuity are today. It’s about being accountable, respectful and transformational. It’s about being Jabil.

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