Emily Zhu: Chemical Processing Method Optimization

Wuxi Metal reached the finals of Jabil’s annual Deliver Best Practices Competition in 2016. As such, Emily Zhu, EHS technician at the site in China, was extremely proud to represent her team’s project in Florida. Emily presented the team’s project “Optimize Anodizing Solid Chemical Agent Processing Method” and the project won first place in the Social and Environmental category.

Emily led this project which was successful in creating a safer environment for employees at the site in Wuxi Metal by optimizing the process of adding anodizing solid agent, which can be a dangerous process if handled improperly. The project has been highly successful in reducing the number of accidents in the anodizing department to zero and has been implemented at other Jabil sites in Asia.

Preparing for the Finals

In preparation for her presentation at Jabil’s Headquarters in Florida, Emily and her team practiced the presentation for one month leading up to the finals in Florida. In order to perfect the presentation for the finals, Emily said she mainly practiced in her own bedroom, imagining there was a big audiences in front of her.  After rehearsing tirelessly, Emily presented to her team members and managers – this was a very useful exercise to her in finding ways to develop a sound knowledge of the project, as well as perfecting it for the finals.

Confidence is Key

Emily describes herself as shy when talking to strangers, especially in English as it is not her native language. However, having the opportunity to be a presenter in the finals of the competition, gave her the opportunity to speak courageously and to behave confidently.  Emily found to her surprise, that her delivery of the presentation was clear and well received by the audience, which has really improved her confidence in taking on new challenges such as public speaking.

Emily’s Advice

Emily urges for others to go for it and be ambitious… “Just imagine that you are the winner and it will urge you to do your best.” Deliver Best Practices has given Emily lifelong memories: The amazing people that she met, the international food she ate and the experience of being in Florida have all become precious memories that will stay with her for life.

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  1. Excellent – it is always good to see sites making progress to reduce safety risk and optimize processes – particularly with the use and management of hazardous chemistry.

    Good job Emily and the Wuxi team !!

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