Flora Wang – Employee Development Program Transformation

Flora Wang, HR training Specialist at Jabil Shanghai, took first place in this year’s Employees category at the Deliver Best Practices competition in Florida. Her team’s winning project “Transformation to a Bright Future-Direct Labor Development Program” created a new program for shop floor employees in order to facilitate a better career progression. The program allowed the site to develop 288 customized training courses, 44 testing papers and training of more than 30 internal trainers. As a result, the direct labor turnover rate decreased and employee satisfied increased. The team received recognition from both customers and the government.

Preparing for The Finals

Flora said she was incredibly excited when she was informed that she would be going to the finals of the competition in Florida – a proud achievement for her and the team. They had spent fifteen months defining, measuring, analyzing and controlling the lean project to prepare for the end goal: the finals in Florida. She vividly recalls the first time she nervously stepped on stage to present her team’s project, but credits the successful delivery of the project during the final presentations a result of the continuous rehearsals of the presentation in advance of traveling to Florida. Flora feels this experience has improved her confidence and believes she is stronger in controlling her persona on stage now.

Making New Friends

Flora enjoyed making friends from Jabil sites across the globe during the week of the Deliver Best Practices competition.  Upon her arrival in Jabil’s headquarters in Florida, Flora and the other finalists were advised by Chief Executive Officer, Mark Mondello that the first thing they should do was make new friends. Mark highlighted to the teams in one of his welcome talks that, “making friends throughout the competition is the best way to share and learn from each other.” Flora advises everyone with the opportunity to take part in next year’s competition to “be confident and willing to make friends.”

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