Four Steps to Reduce Burn Out

Overcoming Productivity Killers Series 1 of 4

Women wear many hats: employee, colleague, friend, wife, mother. List goes on and on. At times, these “hats” can take a toll, resulting in less productivity at work. In our 4-part “Overcoming Productivity Killers” series, we will explore simple ways to keep you on track and achieve your personal and professional goals.

“I’m burnt out.” Those three words can have such a powerful meaning. People in all stages of their lives can suffer from feeling burnt out and the feeling doesn’t discriminate by race or gender. Whether you are juggling a thriving career with a busy family life or balancing being in school with numerous hobbies, being burnt out has most likely been a part of your past or will be a part of your future.

But, there is hope. The Daily Muse, a website offering career advice, provides four steps to combat the feeling of being burnt out.

Be Proactive
Firstly, The Daily Muse recommends being proactive. By identifying specific items that are wearing you down, you can focus on areas that you want to change. There are likely modifications that you can proactively ask a co-worker or boss for that can make your position or situation less troublesome.

Find Support
Secondly, it’s recommended that you find support. No one can do everything alone, and thus, support is vitally important. By confiding in a colleague or friend, you are able to talk through your situation and potentially come up with solutions to eliminate burn out. Plus, since the feeling of being burnt out is universal, it’s likely that your confidant has gone through a similar experience and may be able to advise you with their best practices for coping with burn out.

Reassess Your Life
Reassessing your life is the third recommendation. Sure, the phrase “reassessing your life” seems like a complicated task, but it’s simply about determining what makes you happy. Remember what you care about, what’s important to you and decide whether or not your current priorities are providing value. If not, rearrange your time and resources to ensure you are being the happiest, less stressed version of yourself.

Take Time Out
Finally, take time out. This sounds like an easy one until you realize all of the things you could be doing if you hadn’t taken time out. The truth is, however, that taking a day or two to do things for yourself can have numerous benefits for your productivity at work. Returning to the office with a clear mind and less stress from knowing that personal tasks that never seem to be accomplished are in fact, completed, will allow you to fully focus on your work activities. Vacation days and paid time off are intended to be used, so, use them.

Sometimes being burnt out is an unavoidable evil but can be reduced by following the four steps of being proactive, finding support, reassessing your life and taking time out, as suggested by The Daily Muse.

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