From Around the Web: Emerging Technology is Empowering the Professional Lives of Women

Jabil Joules is committed to encouraging networking and fostering the discussion regarding gender diversity, in order to increase the number of women in leadership roles. With new technology constantly emerging and enhancing, the resources needed for women to empower their professional careers are becoming increasingly accessible.

An article published in the Harvard Business Review addresses how technology can be a powerful resource for women to use in order to gain a competitive advantage in the workplace. In today’s environment of easily accessible information, women are given more options to take advantage of at work.

According to the article, women have increasing opportunities to access actionable information regarding the gender policies in other companies. The availability of this information will allow women to set standards and values for gender cultures within corporations.

Technology can be used to provide women with opportunities in the workforce to enhance their professional lives and develop beneficial skills. According to the article, there is a foreseeable future in which women will make decisions on their professional lives based on their values and which companies align with them. The rapid growth of women’s networks, such as Ellevate Network, indicates that women are taking more interest in issues regarding the gender gap that is occurring in the industry. With the increasing amount of salary information that is available online, it is expected that the wage gap will continue to close over time.

To read the full article, visit How Technology Can Help Close the Gender Gap

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