From Around the Web: Top 10 Things That Women Invented

When someone says the word “inventor,” creative and history-making men like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Benjamin Franklin and Isaac Newton come to mind. While women certainly do not lack creativity and ingenuity, they have historically faced many challenges in receiving credit for their ideas.

For example, grocery shopping was forever changed by Margaret Knight. Before Knight, paper bags were not useful to carry large items as they were more like envelopes. To solve the issue, Knight invented a machine to cut and attach flat, rectangular bottoms to bags. However, before she could patent the iron version of her machine, a man named Charles Annan stole her design, claiming that a woman could not think of something so complex. Knight filed a lawsuit against him and proved that the prototype was in fact hers. She gained the patent in 1871.

Howstuffworks recently rounded up ten things – many of which we all use regularly – that you probably didn’t know were invented by women.

We want to hear from you: Why do you think women are the minority of patent holders?

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