From Around the Web: Where Are You, Global Women Leaders?

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It’s seen in corporations and companies around the world: few women in leadership roles. But, why is this? What effect does the scarcity of women in these high management positions have not only on the workplace but also on the overall financial performance of the countries in which they operate?

National Public Radio (NPR) interviewed managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, to shed light on what this lack of gender diversity means for organizations and the global economy in the story, IMF’s Lagarde: Women In Workforce Key To Healthy Economies.

With Labarge at the helm, the IMF commissioned a research study to economically explain what was happening in countries with limited women leaders. She shares that it makes financial sense to hire more women in management roles.

“We found that if females were working in the same proportion as men do, the level of (gross domestic product) in a country like Egypt would be up 34 percent, up 27 percent in a country like India but also up nine percent in Japan and up five percent in the United States,” said Labarge. “All economies have savings and productivity gains if women have access to the job market.”


We want to hear from you: How would more women in management positions change the global economy?

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