From Around the Web: Why There Are Still Few Women Leaders in Tech

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Diversity of talent and gender equality in the workplace is something many of today’s companies aim to achieve. Over the years, progressive fields like technology have established broader career opportunities which have opened the doors for female employees to be promoted equally, beside men.

Despite the advancements and opportunities in technology, and the decades of progress towards a more gender-balanced workplace, the role of women in the field has somehow subsided.

According to a report by the National Center for Women & Information Technology, the role of women with tech jobs has stalled and, in some cases, even declined. In 2008, women on average held 25 percent of IT-related jobs in the US, a drop from the 36 percent occupied in 1991. In addition, women between the ages of 25 and 34 have reported being unsatisfied with their tech careers, with 56 percent leaving their jobs at the peek of their career, which is double the rate for men.

Elena Kvochko, Head of Global Cyber Security Strategy and Implementation at Barclays, recently wrote an article for Forbes, illustrating the danger of the rate of progress of women participation in technology. According to Kvochko, we should be encouraging women to participate in the growing field of technology and apply for higher-level managerial roles.

Because the amount of women that hold leadership roles in fields like tech is still a work in progress, Jabil has a strong focus on increasing gender diversity and leadership of women in the workplace.

“Like engineering, IT has traditionally been a male-dominant profession but this landscape has been changing and improving,” said May Yap, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Jabil GreenPoint. “Being the first female CIO recruited into Jabil, demonstrated Jabil’s senior leadership team’s determination to encouraging leadership of women in the workplace.”

May also adds that, aside from being tech-savvy, females aiming to be successful leaders in the tech field should seek out mentors, utilize their communication skills, and never shy away from speaking up and asking for help.

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