From Around the Web: Women in Manufacturing Making an Impact

The Manufacturing Institute, Deloitte, and APICS released a study highlighting the impact that women are making as they enter into the manufacturing sector of the workforce. The study surveyed 600 women in the manufacturing industry, as well as 20 interviews from manufacturing executives, to provide insights on how to effectively attract, recruit and retain talented women in the manufacturing industry.

The study indicated that the manufacturing industry is overlooking a crucial talent pool that could evolve the dynamic of the industry and help close the gender gap. The results confirmed the notion that there is an increasing demand for including women’s expertise in the manufacturing industry. As stated in the article, women are the largest pool of untapped talent in the manufacturing industry. The report also found that more than 70% of women would stay in manufacturing if they were to start their career today. Research also indicates that the inclusion of women in the field led to an increase in innovation, profitability and an increase in return on equity.

The study illustrated how the STEP Ahead Initiative is promoting and motivating women to choose careers in manufacturing and enhancing their advancement’s in the field. STEP Ahead has increased the visibility of the opportunities for women in the manufacturing industry as well as opportunities in their local communities.  Jabil has participated in the STEP Ahead program since 2015 and has nominated 20 honorees during the last three years.  “We’ve found the STEP Ahead program to be an effective tool to showcase some of Jabil’s most accomplished female leaders,” said Senior Vice President Beth Walters.

Click here to read more about the study conducted by the Manufacturing Institute, Deloitte and APICS or the STEP Ahead Initiatives.

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