From Around the Web: Women Leading Tech

Like it or not, leadership positions in the technology industry have traditionally been dominated by men. In order for companies to start integrating more women into leadership roles and opening broader opportunities for women, companies must integrate a changed mindset into their cultural values, especially with the senior level executives.

Gender diversity in the workplace has been found to have numerous benefits because of the increase in innovation and diversity of thought. Information Week recently published an article on how women in tech leadership positions is good for business. In order for companies to make a difference in the gender diversity in leadership positions, they need to recognize and acknowledge the existing problem. Understanding the differences between the expectations of men and women in the workplace is crucial to recruitment and retention in today’s workforce environment.

By creating opportunities for growth and acknowledging the value of women in the workforce, companies can enable and empower women into leadership positions. These opportunities will increase the number of women recruited to the company, along with improving the retention rates over time.

Many companies are creating specific initiatives, like Jabil Joules, that empower women and are committed to challenging the gender diversity that is present in most industries.  According to the article, in order for these initiatives to be effective, they must not only be put in place, but embedded into the company culture.

Being able to measure the efforts that are being initiated within a company is crucial to show the effectiveness of the recruitment and retention of women in leadership positions. The article states that the technology industry is not going to be able to keep up with the growing digital demand without tapping into pool of women’s talents and including them into the industry.

To read the full article by Information Week, click here

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