From the Web: Girl Scouts Inspire the Next-Generation in STEM

The STEM Pledge

Girl Scouts of the United States of America are about more than just cookies! The nonprofit builds girls’ courage, confidence and character through a variety of hands-on activities, and it recently launched a STEM-focused initiative called the “Girl Scout STEM Pledge.” The goal is to put 2.5 million young girls through the organization’s science, engineering, technology and mathematics programs by 2025 and prepare them for the nearly one million careers that will be available at that time in the related fields (USBLS, 2017).

The Need

Based on the latest research regarding the future of careers in STEM, there is a gap between the number of females graduating college and those who have a job in any field. The United States Department of Education (2017) found that, in general, well over half of college graduates were female, however the general workforce remains at about 48% female, with the STEM workforce even lower in regards to percentage of females. The Girl Scouts are taking action in the hopes of bringing those statistics closer together by creating real-life, work-related projects for young girls to complete and earn their STEM-badges, including computer programming, mechanical engineering, robotics and space science badges.

Girls Who Code

This is not the only organization that is making a positive impact young girls’ STEM education. Girls Who Code is a national nonprofit with the mission to “close the gender gap in technology” by creating the largest pipeline of female engineers. This year, the organization is expanding its free summer program from the sole location in New York City to 70 other locations throughout the United States, with a goal of reaching 1,400 girls. Learning a variety of subjects, from robotics to building web sites and applications, girls will have the chance to create hands-on projects and expand their computer programming skills.

Future Joules

Programs like these are critical to help provide a solid foundation for the future generation of Jabil Joules. These organizations are important resources for our youth and provide great mentoring opportunities for female leadership. Many of our Joules are in the community, impacting the next generations, and you can read about some of those Joules and their stories here.

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  1. This is a great initiative, and one of the reasons I decided to have my daughter join the Girl Scouts. They are doing so much in this area, helping to prepare girls to enter into these different fields, giving them the tools and confidence to be successful. It’s very exciting!!

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