Global Diversity Powers Innovation

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Innovation is hard to come by in a uniform environment where nothing changes.Truly innovative ideas are characterized by introducing something new, looking at the world in a different way and creating positive change. Diversity works like an injection of new perspectives, and when embraced by an organization, it can solve even the toughest challenges.

Intel’s ‘Power Wall’

Intel’s “power wall” case makes the perfect example of global diversity driving innovation. As engineers continued making smaller, faster computer chips they began to run into trouble with heat. Faster chips were harder to cool, and their speeds would eventually plateau.

Intel’s Israeli team saw this problem in a different light. They saw the existing model of increasing chip speed (by delivering more power) as a dead end and designed a new solution. Their unique perspectives, and Intel’s empowerment of diversity, allowed for the innovative solution they came up with.

Kingsford Wins by Including Hispanic Employees

Kingsford Charcoal provides another example of diversity powering a company’s innovation. Faced with the growing popularity of gas grills, Kingsford was on the verge of becoming a dead brand. That is until acting upon an insight provided by Hispanic employees — traditional Latin consumers value cooking outside and spending time with their family. Kingsford adjusted its marketing strategy and was able to grow its business within a new market.

In today’s business environment, it is easy to stick with what is known. Diversity helps challenge this way of thinking. “In Silicon Valley, we like to say that every problem is a potential opportunity. But it takes a diversity of backgrounds to identify the real-world problems begging for a solution” (CNN).

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