Isabel Wins for the Employees


Isabel Romo’s story begins in high school while working at a friend’s family business. When she received her first paycheck, she was shocked and disappointed how small her payment was for all the labor involved. It was in that moment that she knew her future career would be working for employees.

She has dedicated her career to helping her coworkers, and her hard work paid off when Isabel won first-place in the Employees category at Jabil’s continuous improvement competition, Deliver Best Practices, this year. As Senior Compensation Analyst, Isabel’s goal was to decrease the turnover rate by focusing on those who were leaving the company for compensation reasons. Once her team uncovered the problem was the lack of a career path for those the manufacturing roles, they set out to change that by creating five new career paths. After their plan was implemented, not only did the site see a 56% reduction in turnover but also 2,800 employees and their families were positively impacted.

“What I enjoy most about my current role is the fact that I have an immediate impact on our people’s lives,” Isabel said. She also credits her success to following the advice her mother gave her after graduation: always do what is in your power to positively affect those working around you.

Isabel will continue to work on employee-improvement projects and encourage others at the site to have the same mentality. She appreciates the experience of interacting with Jabil’s senior executives at the competition and the opportunity to exchange ideas with the other competitors. Using her Deliver Best Practices experiences and her passion, Isabel hopes to become a mentor for others who are dedicated to helping employees’ lives. “My mentor, David Bordson, has always empowered me to turn my ideas into action, so I hope to be able to do that for someone else one day,” she said.

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  1. Great Work Isabel, I feel inspired by this great achievement in your professional career!

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