Jabil: A Company that Cares Every Day

Yesterday was “Companies That Care Day,” an annual event created by the Center for Companies That Care. According to their website, the not-for-profit organization is “dedicated to enhancing the well-being of employees and communities by educating and inspiring employers to practice employer engagement.” Thankfully for all Jabil employees, Jabil is a company that cares every day of the year.

The event encourages employers and individuals to address a significant societal issue that is undermining the well-being of the communities in which the companies exist.

Select characteristics outlined by the Center include: sustaining a work environment focused on dignity and respect for all employees; cultivating the full potential of all employees; encouraging individual pursuit of work / life balance; and appreciating and recognizing the contributions of the people working at the company. Whether it’s encouraging a colleague to submit their project to Deliver Best Practices or nominating someone for Jabil’s Respect. Recognize. Reward. program, Jabil consciously works to meet all of these characteristics and embody what it means to be a company that cares.

To read additional details of how Jabil is a company that cares and information from Jabil’s latest quarterly earnings update, check out Jabil’s blog.

We want to hear from you:
In what ways do you think Jabil contributes to being a company that cares?

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