Jabil Blue Sky Center Hosts WITI Sports, Entertainment and Technology Symposium & Reception


Jabil’s Blue Sky Center in San Jose recently hosted the inaugural Women in Technology International (WITI) Sports, Entertainment and Technology Symposium and Reception, which highlighted the opportunities and partnerships that are being developed across the technology, sports and entertainment industries.

Separate sessions were held throughout the day, where female keynote speakers and panelists, from various segments of these industries, shared individual experiences and expertise. The event’s agenda focused on topics like health, sports, medical, home and fashion technologies, which were incorporated into each session.

The symposium kicked-off with an introduction by Jabil’s Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales Enablement Joanne Moretti at Jabil’s Blue Sky Center.  Joanne, who has been a leading force in engaging customers, suppliers and influencers at the Blue Sky Center, had her own keynote session, later that day, discussing 10 keys to success for women leaders in traditionally male-dominated industries.

Throughout her session, Joanne focused on breaking through the glass ceiling and shared her personal experiences and lessons learned throughout her career. She spoke on several topics including the dangers of waffling, moving out of your comfort zone and overcoming fear. She also spoke on eliminating the gender gap, creating strategic acceleration for your organization and shared some history behind the Blue Sky Center was and how it was built.

Among the notable panelists was Heather Andrus, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Product Innovation at Radius Product Development. Radius was established as a division of Nypro, a Jabil company, nearly two decades ago.

Following the symposium, WITI and Jabil hosted a Taste of Technology Reception featuring product demonstrations of Internet of Things (IoT) wearables.

Jabil was honored to sponsor the WITI event which provided personal and professional insights into sports and technology trends while also encouraging the empowerment of women. Events like these are critical in creating new opportunities for partnerships not only in the technology field, but across industries.

For more on this event, visit Jabil’s Aim Higher Blog: How Wearables Will Impact Sports in 2016.

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