Jabil Joules Italy: Tackling Gender Diversity As A Team

Dedicated Teamwork

Rita Somma and Maria Pota are two of our newest Jabil Joules, joining from our site in Marcianise, Italy, a few months ago. Together, they are championing gender diversity by having regular meetings and discussions about ways in which they can help carry out Jabil Joules initiatives in Marcianise. They are both extremely excited to be part of the program.

Career and Motherhood

Both Rita and Maria are working mothers balancing family and work. They are strong supporters of championing diversity and want to change the mindset whereby women might typically mean “mom, wife and daughter.” They want to educate and inspire women, by teaching educating others that women can be more than these three roles and that they can also have successful careers.

Rita and Maria are inspirational women who show that being a mother does not need to stop you from having a successful career. Rita is one of two female site Financial Controllers in Jabil Europe and balances this role with caring for her two young children. Maria is a Facilities Manager at the Marcianise site. They both share the work they do for Jabil Joules with their family and friends, encouraging them to think about and acknowledge the gender gap. “In Italy there are not many companies like Jabil,” stated Rita and “we are very thankful that Jabil has given us the opportunity to manage such an important initiative and think about ways we can work on create a more diverse future.”

Transmitting the Sense of Jabil Joules

Before the Jabil Joules program, “no one at our site ever spoke about diversity; we discussed it but only based on our external experiences, never in relation to Jabil,” they say. These two ladies try to serve as examples for Jabil Joules and believe this program allows them to do this by inspiring and helping them to grow. “I am what I am today because of my previous managers,” states Rita. Now she tries to be an example for the people she manages today.

These ladies are keen to keep this program as active as possible among employees in Italy. The most recent Jabil Joules program at the site was effective communications and emotional intelligence training for females. This training was to educate females at Jabil about how to use their body language to communicate information, corrective ways to change opinions and generate new ideas. This activity was also a great way to develop enhanced personal and collective effectiveness, as well as boost employee engagement. Learning these skills helps build leadership skills as well.

Their belief is that their Jabil community can help show others the different ways to achieve gender diversity. In their culture, they want to try to change the perception that women are secondary to men and help women aspire and achieve their career goals. They advise women to believe in themselves and be strong to claim their position!

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