Jabil Joules Lunch and Learn Showcases Nypro Consumer Health and Wearables

Nypro Consumer Health and Wearables sector was the topic of discussion at a recent Jabil Joules Lunch and Learn. Les Pawlek and Vitalii Kartashov, who recently joined the Nypro Healthcare division as they are expanding into an exciting combination of wearables and healthcare products, presented to more than 30 Jabil Joules on June 21st, in Clinton, MA. 

This event was tailored toward the wearables and healthcare products that can have an impact in women’s lives specifically. Les presented the group with a new product his sector is partnering on that will be able to detect tumors that could be the first signs of breast cancer.  

The team has currently designed a patch with sensors that are worn for a couple hours each month and will send screening data to your doctor, essentially replacing a yearly mammogram. The team has developed the sensors that can be attached to the skin and are working on prototyping a wearable sports bra to include these sensors. Technology has shown more than a 90% accuracy of detection and will significantly reduce costs by eliminating mammograms.  

With the current trend of the high demand of consumer wearables, technology is now making strides to integrate the wearables into the healthcare industry. The creation of this sports bra is a great example of what the future has in store for the value of wearables.  

“It was great to learn about the wearables sector in Nypro,” said Deb Grover, Jabil Joules Site Champion for Clinton. “I work in the Pharmaceutical sector and had no idea we were involved in breast cancer detection from a healthcare perspective”  

Vitalii spoke about the Magicband that Nypro is exclusively producing for Disney’s resort in Florida. The personalized band is worn on your wrist and integrates your park passes, room key and credit card so you do not have to worry about bringing it all into the parks with you.  

Les and Vitalii also shared their career paths through Jabil and Nypro. They expanded on their past experiences within the company and the changes that are being made towards the current focus on the wearables market in the healthcare industry.

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  1. Can the Nypro Jabil Joules sessions be “live streamed” so that individuals throughout the world can participate remotely?

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