Jabil Pune Sets Up Daycare Center to Help Working Mothers

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The battle for work-life balance among female employees, especially those with children, is something women have struggled with for decades. In Jabil Pune Human Resources Manager Jagdeep Kaur noticed that they had a difficult time attracting, hiring and retaining female employees. Jagdeep attributed this to the fact that these women had few viable options for childcare.

After learning that the Indian Labour Laws state that businesses with more than 30 employees are allowed to provide basic daycare services to employees with children, Jagdeep and the Jabil Pune site set out to create a daycare center of their own.

“The Little Angels Daycare Center is a way for Jabil Pune to support the needs of the site’s employees, more than 50 percent of whom are women,” said Jagdeep.

During each of the three shifts, at least 20 children are present and are provided with books, toys, meals and beds for napping. Nursing mothers are also provided with a private nursing area.

Since its inception, Jagdeep says that the benefits of the Little Angels program have been apparent. “The attrition rates among female employees with children is much better compared to previous years,” said Jagdeep. “Morale has also increased as employees are able to work while their children are being taken care of close by. We have received nothing but positive comments from the families.”

Deepali Chuare, an operator working at Pune site, is a young mother who values the center. “One of the reasons why I will continue to work at Jabil is the daycare center. I can tend to my child whenever she needs me. She is happy here with so many other kids to play with,” she said. “I thank the workers and teacher in the facility who take good care of my daughter.”

We want to hear from you: Do you have a similar program at your site or know of similar programs at other sites?

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  1. Julianna Toth says:

    Good to read above article.
    No we do not have this service in Tiszaujvaros/HU but I can hear that there are a few companies in Hungary, with high employee number that have daycare. Also I hear the same from relatives in Switzerland – they say it works really well there and mothers tend to use the company-offered service.
    I would enjoy having one at or near our site, and I prefer the Waldorf or similar pedagogy so yes this is definately a concern of the parent, where to place the child, and what level of care and mental ambience the child will experience.

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