Jeannette Güttler: Never Give Up

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Early years

Jeannette was born in 1969 and grew up in East Germany. She finished high school and started her secondary education as a weaver in the textile industry.  After the reunification of Germany  in 1989, she moved to South Germany. Shortly after her maternity leave, she returned to work collecting experiences in different areas, from metal industry to retail and injection molding.

Journey with Nypro

Jeannette joined Schlosser (acquired later by Nypro) in February 2006. After eight weeks working in production as an operator, she got the chance to work in serial inspection control. After working in that area for three years, she knew that she wanted to work in the quality field. Her supervisor saw her capabilities and promoted her to quality control where she worked for another three years. While working in those areas and roles, she gained know-how and in 2011, she decided to take the next steps to further her career. She started training to become a quality assistant, a quality management representative including internal auditor, and finally she received the promotion of becoming a quality manager. This accomplishment was completed  in one year, and it was only possible with the support from her family and friends who helped during that time.


Achieving greater gender diversity starts with education. If children see it in their daily life at home that everyone is treated equally and supportive of each other, it helps. If a girl always hears she needs to become a nurse or should only play with dolls, instead of being told she can be anyone she wants when she grows up that could limit the goals she sets for herself. Many prefer to play outside and build forts and grow up to become architects.

Her advice

Jeannette is an optimistic woman, full of joy for life, determined in her job and a reliable colleague. She took many risks to achieve that goal from financial to personal. She worked more hours in order to save up for further education at school. She had to make the decision to either take vacation or work those hours to be able to go to school. Also having not enough time for the family – when there was another exam coming up, she had to stay focused and study for it. With the support of her family and colleagues, she did it and accomplished her goals.

“Don’t wait too long” and “Always keep trying” are Jeanette’s mottos.It was not easy at times to start training and learning again, so when asked one thing she would change, she probably would have started earlier or as soon as she knew she wanted to have a career in quality. She also took her father’s advice who used to say: “Always work hard and set yourself goals. Even if you experience backlash, always move on and try to achieve your goals.”

About Jeannette

Jeannette Güttler is an Assistant Quality Supervisor at Nypro Germany. Jeanette joined Nypro in 2006, serving several roles across Nypro. Jeannette earned degrees as a Quality Assistant, Quality Management Representative, Internal Auditor and Quality Manager. Since 2014, Jeannette has been a team leader, and she is responsible for the serial inspection and quality control in building 2 of our sites.

What she likes about her job at Nypro is product diversity, customer relations and the implementation of new strategies. This whole diagnostic sector interests and fascinates her.

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