Jennifer Foster: Leading the Digital Supply Chain

image (3)Jennifer Foster, Senior Manager of Solutions Innovation at Jabil St. Petersburg, is changing the landscape of how we think about supply chains. As one of seven nominees of this year’s 2016 Women in Manufacturing STEP Ahead Award, Jennifer is successfully leading efforts in digitizing one of the most complex and advanced supply chains in the world.

Jennifer works with architects and experts across many technologies to bring a world-class supply chain experience to the customer. She’s helping Jabil transform from a traditional Electronics Manufacturing Services provider to a true product realization company.

In her current role, she supports the digitization of Jabil’s supply chain.  Jennifer is helping transition Jabil supply chain from spreadsheets, to a highly visible and collaborative discipline which leverages big data, cloud based offerings and deep analytics.

A thought leader in the area of digital supply chains and analytics, Jennifer is a role model for females employees. In fact, she has trained, coached and mentored females to establish them as future Jabil leaders.

As a mentor, Jennifer listens and encourages decisions that will support the long-term growth of her peers. She has an eye for people’s strengths and provides valued feedback on career choices to help her fellow colleagues thrive and recognize new opportunities.

Outside of her responsibilities at Jabil, Jennifer spends time with her family everyday after work in what she calls her “5 to 8 time.” A proud mother of two girls, she is a true example of what it looks like to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Her community impact is grounded in the welfare and development of children. When not at work or with her family, Jennifer volunteers at her daughter’s school and is an advocate for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs for children.

“I’ve seen amazing growth in Jen over the past couple of years. She has been absolutely instrumental in the success we’ve had with Jabil InControl, being a solid, shining diamond on the team,” said Ross Valentine, Director of Solutions Innovation at Jabil. “When the opportunity came to nominate Jen for the STEP Award my head instantly went to how much of a mentor she has been for other Jabil employees, but also the opportunities in front of her to mentor young females starting out and thinking about entering the field of manufacturing.”

Jennifer’s priorities are her children, her community and her contribution to revolutionizing an industry. Her dedication to digitizing Jabil’s supply chain shows that her leadership is not only effective but also transformational.

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  1. Congratulations for your fantastic achievement, Jen! Very inspiring

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