Jia Xiaorong: Speaking up for “Her”

Jia Xiaorong works in HR at the Jabil Shanghai site and also serves as the site’s Jabil Joules Champion. He hopes that by bringing a male perspective to the initiative he can help create more opportunities for his female colleagues.

Career: choose carefully, it shapes who you are

Jia Xiaorong joined Jabil through the EIT program shortly after his graduation and has been working in HR for the past 13 years. “I enjoy working with people and continually growing my professional knowledge, so becoming a trainer was a good way to start out,” he said. Over the years, Jia Xiaorong has grown into what he describes as a typical Jabil person, musing that he has gone through a thorough “Jabilization” process. From his perspective, Jabil people are distinguishable by their ability to be highly effective and efficient in everything they do.

Jia Xiaorong has explored the broad range of disciplines within HR, from training and recruitment to employee relations. Based on his many years working in HR and varied life experiences, he believes that individual character should have a lot more bearing on one’s choice of career than gender. “Some colleagues are good at dealing with people, while others prefer to process data. But both men and women should assess their character strengths and interests before choosing jobs they can excel in.”

Jabil Joules: Providing a male perspective while catering to all employees’ needs

On the subject of why he took on the challenge of taking on the Jabil Joules Champion role, Jia Xiaorong said candidly, “I feel very privileged to be in a position to provide counsel and advice to the women in our workforce, and help them flourish in their careers. My aim as a Jabil Joules Champion is to provide female employees at Jabil Shanghai with a broader career development platform.”

Jia Xiaorong uses channels like regular internal meetings, emails and TV, as well as social platforms like WeChat, to engage colleagues in Jabil Joules activities. Meanwhile, he continues to dream up new ways of working and proactively supports cross-functional collaboration to provide activities that are relevant to ordinary employees.

In Jia Xiaorong’s opinion, career development for women cannot simply be viewed as a path to becoming a senior executive in the company. He believes individual pursuits should be respected. “Whether it’s using one’s position to make contributions, or cultivating a happy family life, these are also goals worthy of sharing,” he says.

Moving forward, Jabil Joules activities at the Shanghai site will become more diverse, providing a platform for women who are pursuing different career development paths. He believes everyone will benefit from a series of sharing and mentoring activities.

Life: Family comes first

“Happiness” is what drives Jia Xiaorong in his work and personal life. He has a son he adores and a beautiful wife. He strives to be both a good father and a good son, and maintains a strict self-imposed ban on using his mobile phone when spending time with his child. When asked about the woman he most admires, Jia Xiaorong cited his mother without hesitation. She taught him how to be an upright person of strong moral fiber, which helped prepare him for the challenges life puts before him.

Jia Xiaorong is also passionate about the joys of travel. Outside of his work, skiing and going on road trips are among his favorite ways to relax and enjoy time with his family.

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