Joules’ Jolt! Results: What is the biggest hurdle women face in the workplace?

Joules' Jolt!We asked our readers what they feel is the biggest hurdle women face in the workplace. Here is what they had to say.

1. We tend to be enablers and support others success instead of taking the reins and just taking action. For instance, instead of suggesting or asking that a specific course of action should be taken, I recently started moving forward with my course of action and stating that this is what I am doing. I am working with myself to stop asking the question of should we maybe do this? The slogan of “Women Just Get It Done” should be made into a T-shirt for every woman at Jabil.

2. Afraid to take risks.

3. Some men do not have confidence in the objectivity of our decision-making.

4. Juggling being a present and involved parent along with my career.

5. Men that get in the way.

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