Joules Sweep the 2014 Deliver Best Practices Competition

(L-R: Chief Operating Officer Bill Muir, Elaine Zhou (Shanghai, China), Executive Vice President of Strategic Planning and Development Joe McGee, Eréndira Landeros (Guadalajara, Mexico), Chief Human Resources Officer Scott Slipy, Amy Shen (Taichung Design, China), Chief Financial Officer Forbes Alexander, Ami Warren (Tiszaujvaros, Hungary).

The 2014 Deliver Best Practices competition came to a close Friday afternoon and it’s no surprise to the thousands of Jabil Joules around the world that all first place winning presenters were females. The women of Jabil are continuously showcasing their talents and this competition was no exception. Of the 32 competitors invited to present their projects at Jabil’s corporate headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida, 11 were females. We will be featuring each individual Joule in the weeks to come but for now, let’s focus on our first place finishers.

Elaine Zhou of Shanghai’s Operational Excellence Team took home the title of first place with their “The Portal Into the Future of Logistics” project.

Ami Warren, representing Tiszaujvaros, won first place for their “Embracing the Art of Collaboration and Communication” project in the Customer Satisfaction category.

In the Human Development category, Amy Shen, or Ms. PPP, as she introduced herself during her presentation of the “‘Good to Great’ Through the PPP Program,” will take the first place trophy back to her team.

Finally, our site in Guadalajara was represented by Eréndira Landeros in the Social & Environmental Responsibility category with their “Functional Food: Improving Employee Health” project.

Come back soon and read in further detail about all 11 impressive Joules competitors.

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