Katerina Kovalska: Thriving in a Dynamic Manufacturing Environment

YAZAKI-38 (1)Plant Controller at the Jabil Uzhgorod site in Ukraine, Katerina Kovalska, is a recognized leader who thrives working in a dynamic manufacturing environment. Often regarded as a role model at her site, it is no surprise that her demonstrated excellence landed her as one of seven nominees of this year’s 2016 Women in Manufacturing STEP Ahead Award by the Manufacturing Institute.

Katerina is a critical member of Jabil’s leadership team, with experience in business development, human resources, information technology, operations and supply chain. She actively drives critical decision making with her colleagues and peers to enhance operational performance, manufacturing competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

She leads a finance team responsible for a variety of activities. Katerina and her team are responsible for preparing accurate financial reporting and maintaining an adequate financial control structure. In addition, Katerina has executed strategic activities to benefit shareholders through increased profitability and working capital.

Known for her ability to empower and inspire employees to think, take action and make decisions, Katerina also helps others learn from their successes and failures. Katerina seeks out talent and recognizes invaluable individuals who can make a difference in the organization.

Aside from seeking new talent, Katerina dedicates her time to providing coaching and feedback to employees, challenging them to identify and develop new skills. In fact, she routinely reviews targeted development plans with employees to ensure their progress at Jabil.

In addition to her passion and dedication to seeing others excel in their careers, she is also an active volunteer in her community and responds locally to help others overcome challenges. Her volunteer efforts include providing functioning computers to local schools and negotiating agreements with local universities for employment of their graduates.

“Katerina embodies the true Jabil culture of professionalism and teamwork through her collaboration with colleagues and endless pursuit of maximizing shareholder value, said Daryn Smith, Senior Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer of EMS at Jabil .“Moreover, she fosters an environment of accountability and empowerment and helps support Jabil’s involvement within the community…all qualities that exemplify her role as a leader.”

Congratulations to Katerina for being recognized as a nominee of the 2016 STEP Ahead Award. Her ability to positively influence her peers is undoubtedly an inspiration for Jabil employees across the globe.

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